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Thursday, 3 February 2022

For Wee Bairn in Blue

 Last week, I showed you my newly released pattern called For The Wee Bairn.  It was made with a new collection called "Lace and Grace" from Island Batik.  I liked the quilt so much, I made it a second time, this one using a blue background and assorted scraps for the 9 patches.  The gorgeous snow this past weekend made a perfect backdrop for photography.

Other than using different fabrics, I followed my own directions exactly.
It's pretty amazing how quickly the blocks go together.
I quilt on my domestic sewing machine, so my quilts are pin basted.  This is the only part of the process I do not enjoy. :(
This time I chose a soft yellow flannel for the backing, and used Aurifil 40 weight thread both in top and bobbin.  As before, I stitched free hand feathers in the curved sections, and simply outlined the Improved Nine Patch blocks.

Since I have no wee bairns of my own to wrap, this version is for sale.  You can find it on my website.

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  1. Hmmm.....just imagine what this would look like with a dark background in place of the white, and bright nine patches.....