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Wednesday, 2 February 2022

Valentine's Mug Mat


Here's a quick project to stitch for your special someone for Valentine's Day.  This mug mat is larger than most, as it's meant to be shared by two.  Fusible appliqué means you can whip this up in time for the big day.

Spiral Heart Mug Mat
Finished Size:  6-1/2" x 11"
8" square of white*
8" square of red*
7" x 11" background fabric
8" square of fusible web
8" square of tear away stabilizer
7" x 12" batting
7" x 12" backing
1, 2-1/4" x WOF strip of red for binding
* Quilter's Rose by Stof used in sample project.

You can get the pdf template for the heart for free here. Make sure when you print the heart you choose "actual size" from the list of print options (no scaling). Please note that the design is already reversed for you, ready for tracing onto the back of the fusible web.

Trace heart design onto fusible web. Note that the heart has two sections.  Fuse one section to back of red and one to back of white fabrics.  Cut out carefully.  Remove paper backing and arrange the two heart sections so that they are snugged up with no gaps in between.  I use a corsage pin to gently nudge the pieces into place.  Fuse to centre of background fabric. 
With stabilizer underneath work stitch around edges of heart to secure.  Sample shown uses straight stitching, but a narrow zigzag would add nice definition to the edges.  Trim stabilizer.
Add batting and backing, pin baste.  Quilt.  Sample shown is quilted around the outside of heart and echoed 1/4" away.  Squiggly lines are free motion quilted from the heart to the sides. Trim mat.  Mine is 6-1/2" x 11.
Fold 2-1/4" binding strip in half lengthwise, wrong sides together and press. Sew to front of quilt, mitering corners.  Flip to back and hand stitch in place.  

This entire pattern is available in a printer-friendly format as a free download at this link:


  1. Cute idea, the "mine" on the glass, do you have "yours" too?

  2. Wonderful shared mug mat! It sure puts me in the mood for Valentines Day.