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Monday 29 May 2017

Global Warming

Seven or eight years ago, I saw a quilt that totally intrigued me in terms of construction.  I wanted to try it, but my brain was too busy with New York Beauty designs back then.  I've thought of that quilt many times over the years and told myself someday I *would* do it.  So I did.  This is NOT something I designed;  it was a quilt from Anthology Fabrics, and the pattern was developed by Country Lady Quilt Shop in Roseburg, Oregon.  Frankly, I think it's brilliant.  No doubt the shop can steer you in the right direction for a pattern if you are interested.  I have made mine from beautiful Hoffman Fabrics batiks. The layout starts out plain enough, with the darks and lights arranged diagonally opposite each other.
With a bit of prestidigitation (and Polly's help) the quilt becomes this, appropriately named "Global Warming".
I am glad I took the time to make this quilt, as the process was fascinating. Careful pinning ensured that all seams lined up just as they should.
It's a bit of an awkward size, so it will have borders added top and bottom, at least, to make it usable. I will ponder for a bit how to proceed, and work on some other projects while it's percolating.  I will also work out how I will quilt it, although I have a pretty good notion already of what will work.
 Polly is moping around now, waiting for more blocks to rearrange!


  1. So cool!! You are one brave quilter! :)

  2. Wow, and to get them all lined up again, what concentration.A final cat inspection shows all is as it should be. What a great name for this.

  3. What a beaut! I can see why you couldn't get this one off your mind. You are very brave to take the scissors to it but what a fantastic end result. Cant wait to see it all quilted up.

  4. How clever is that! I can see why you wanted to try it......and I can see why you needed those thousands of pins.

  5. I love the batiks, and it is a very interesting design for a quilt, however, my favourite shot is Miss Polly, giving the top a CAT scan.

  6. Wow, Karen! This is really clever, indeed! I couldn't imagine where you were going with all of those nine patches, but I knew it would be a delightful surprise! And it is!

  7. Awesome Karen! How did you finally quilt it?

    1. Thanks, Donna. Scroll ahead to this post and you will see it finished:

    2. Thanks Karen that is awesome! Mine is ready to quilt!