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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

May Showers

The month of May is always a busy month for quilters, and an even busier one for (assistant) beekeepers.  When you combine the two ventures, the days just don't have enough hours!
The new queen bees arrived from California last week and we split the beehives on the weekend. This can be a tedious job, as you need to go through each hive carefully to find the current queen and make sure she goes in a different box from the new queen.  There can only be one boss :)
I've not been able to get many minutes at my machine, but today I managed to sew 3 whole blocks!  I started on my batik pile back in March.

It's unbelievable to me that I have only managed to sew 37 in all this time.  Hopefully, the remaining 63 will go together a bit more quickly so I can show you how I plan to set these together.
It's still definitely "quilt weather" here in Nova Scotia.  Last night, we pulled on this quilt I showed you awhile back.  We appreciated that wool batting!


  1. Take heart, after snow last week, we have 20° today and 27° is predicted for tomorrow. I am trying to send some of it your way!
    I love those batiks.

  2. My friends in N S are still wearing thick jackets and hats when they are out near the water. If you visit Jim at or Ron at you will see more of your beautiful area, not sure if you live anywhere close or not. We are definitely a lot closer to winter, the fire is lit every morning, and winter clothes are the almost everyday norm now. Love those blocks with the gorgeous fabrics.

  3. Love those batiks......will be interested to see what you do with them, Karen! It's quilt weather here now too, and sweater weather. Go, bees - the world needs more bees.