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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Weekend Spoils

Paradise was...well, pretty much how it sounds!  Our motel room was quiet, and cleaner-than-clean, and the welcome from the Paradise Village Quilt Guild was warm and genuine.  Saturday's workshop just zoomed by, and I was thrilled to receive this picture yesterday of a completed project.  Judith Murty did a stellar job stitching this free motion. I hope there will be more pictures arriving soon. (hint, hint :))
Friday night I presented a trunk show of  quilts which was well attended (including a surprise carload of quilters from Clare :))  I had hoped to have "Rhythmic" back from its tour of the US in the Hands All Around exhibit at IQF, however the courier arrived after we left Amherst. Once back home,it was a treat to open the waiting box,
 In addition to the quilt, the organizers always include some goodies, such as the show books.  It's very satisfying to see your name and hometown listed.
Better still are these labels to be sewn to the back of your quilt, testimony for the provenance of your work.
I can't wait to add these next to the previous patch the quilt earned from being displayed in Paducah in 2015
 As much as I would have loved to have shown this in Paradise, I made up for it with a surprise showing at the end. It was a "for your eyes only, no pictures please" quilt and one which I will share here in a couple of weeks' time.
Off to sew on my new bling!


  1. Sorry to miss your trunk show. Sounds like a great time was had by all. Glad that Rhythmic is home safe and sound and sporting such bling.

  2. How sweet to get you beautiful quilt back, after she had an adventure of a lifetime for a quilt (to be displayed at Quilt Festival). I hope next time you have quilt in such a display you are able to attend.


  3. I can just imagine what a wonderful time everyone had! One day, I hope to be in the audience of one of your trunk show, and who knows, maybe even a participant in one of your workshops. I've never attended a workshop before. I cannot wait to see your new quilt! XO

  4. A surprise waiting, great anticipation. What a great event, the motel and those cabins looks like a very quiet and peaceful place to stay, and what a welcome you had. And so good to see one of the results, lovely.

  5. Well, that's a suspenseful ending to a blog post! Something to look forward to, I guess.