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Thursday, 11 May 2017

A Quick Reminder!

For those interested in purchasing Aurifil thread, this is a reminder that I will be at Mrs Pugsley's Emporium tomorrow from 11-4 and again on Saturday from 10-1.  This morning, a big order of thread arrived, with lots of new collections.
It's so much fun to open the boxes and see all these beautiful colours.  This collection by Angela Yosten is a great way to build your 12 weight thread stash, at a fabulous cost saving.  It can be used for either hand or machine stitching.

This looks like a perfect Mother's Day gift, in the pretty flowered box.  Quilter's Patch is an Edyta Sitar collection of pretty colours in 50 weight cotton Mako.

My favourite is this group of small spools of 12 weight by Lori Holt

All of the threads have been added to the checkout page of my website.  You can order online, and pick it up at Mrs Pugsley`s Emporium to save the shipping.  See you tomorrow!


  1. Great collections, and lovely colours. Hope you have a wonderful day at Mrs Pugsley's Emporium .

  2. Like candy!! Love the flowered Quilter's Patch assortment.

  3. Hope your day went well and you had lots of shoppers.