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Sunday, 4 June 2017

Fun With Stripes

My mother used to say that sewing with stripes "dazzled her eyes"; that dazzle can be lots of fun!
I purchased this stripe at Mrs Pugsley's Emporium on Saturday.  I thought it was black and cream, but it turned out to be dark brown when I got it home.  No matter, it's still a high-contrast stripe.
I sliced it into 2-1/2" strips and sewed them back together, offsetting the stripe colours instead of matching them.
My go-to method for perfect circles is to use a coffee filer;  for this project, I chose one of my biggest Bun filters.
I folded it in quarters to line it up on the vertical stripes.
Then I stitched around the entire edge of the filter.
Afterwards, I trimmed around the filter using scissors, and cut an X slit in the centre for turning.
Voila!  A good press with a hot iron and I have a perfect circle.  The filter tears easily off the back, leaving neatly pressed under edges for appliqueing in place. 
It's a cool effect, using just one fabric.  And Mom was right:  it does dazzle the eyes! :)
(and Polly!)


  1. And if you see crooked lines, visit the optometrist!! At least that is what we are told on the chart for macular degeneration. What a fab way to get a true circle, and it looks so easy too. And proof with a cat there to check it all out.

  2. It dazzles my computer monitor too! Very effective, Karen.

  3. I'm glad to see Polly getting back to her sewing. It is good for Kitties to have hobbies.

  4. Wow, dazzle? Or dizzy? Thanks for sharing your technique, Karen. I never would have thought to use a coffee filter. XO

  5. Poor Polly! I bet her little kitty eyes are crossed!
    What a great way to get a perfect circle. Thanks Karen!

  6. You know how much I love stripes. Looks like Polly is on our team!