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Friday, 30 June 2017

"Mon Canada"

There are many quilts being made in honour of Canada's 150th birthday, but none more unique than this one from Clare, Nova Scotia.Guilde Acadienne de Clare made this quilt which depicts the Acadian contribution to Canada. Designed by guild president Joan Tufts, many members had a hand in stitching the patchwork, appliqueing and embroidering blocks, as well as the hand quilting. Entitled "Mon Canada", the centre of the quilt features the Grand-Pré church, considered the most important historic site of the Acadian people, and recalls their saddest and most heroic moments. You can see colourful houses,forests, fishing boats, lobsters, and the local lighthouse overlooking Baie-Sainte Marie. Poppies represent the Acadian veterans who served to defend our country. Also shown is the Acadian Métis Association symbol, and examples of 3 languages: French, English, and Michif (mixed language that uses French nouns with Cree verbs and Cree grammar.) Look for the N.S.tartan and the Canadian maple leaf, a thistle and laurel, as well as the Acadian star.
"Mon Canada" had its debut exhibit at the Canadian Quilters' Association "Quilt Canada" conference in Toronto last month, and will be officially unveiled
at tomorrow's July 1st municipal ceremonies in Clare. It will travel the region throughout the year, including the annual Quilt show in Saulnierville (watch for more info to follow)..
Its permanent home will be at the Saulnierville Parish hall where the guild meets to sew every week. (A little bird told me it might also pay a visit to Amherst during the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival!) Thank you to Joan Tufts for sharing these wonderful pictures and story of a very meaningful quilt.


  1. What a stunning quilt - very special, and very significant. Congratulations to its makers on their beautiful work!