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Monday, 3 July 2017

Tall Ships 2017

Hubby and I spent a fabulous couple of days touring the Tall Ships which came to ports near us over the Canada Day weekend.  This is a shot from the Canadian ship "Oriole".
On Friday, we headed to Pugwash, and were pleased to see the Katie Bell, from our province.

 Atyla from Spain featured beautiful woodwork.

 Saturday morning, we left early for Charlottetown, PEI.
The waterfront is beautiful;  I love the hedges of Ottawa roses
There were lots of people in attendance, and we did have line-ups for some of the tours, but nothing too major.
The CBC was broadcasting on site.  We even caught a glimpse of anchor Heather Hiscox getting ready for her next segment.

 There were even a few pirates on hand!
 The masts from the "Union" out of Peru were massive. 
 Inside were displays of handwork. This ship is a great ambassador for Peru.

 The Europa, from The Netherlands.
 We have toured the U.S. "Eagle" many times.
After leaving these ports, the ships will head up the Saint Lawrence to Quebec, before returning to Halifax later this month, where they will be joined by many others. Then a race across the Atlantic to France.  Imagine!  


  1. Very impressive ships, aren't they! I'm surprised that the Ottawa roses are pink, not Canadian red.....but they are pretty.

  2. Thank you for taking us with you on your tour of the tall ships.
    I think those roses are Jens Munk from the Explorer Roses developed at the Central Experimental Farm, in Ottawa. I have a couple of the bushes in my yard, they are my favourite.

  3. That will be a flotilla to see, up the Saint Lawrence, beautiful to have them in port, and to know they will be sailing in a race, hope for fine weather and good winds.

  4. How beautiful, and what fun! Several of them came into Arichat Harbor several years back and they were a sight to see! Glad you were able to enjoy them.