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Friday, 28 April 2017

There are Mounties at Mrs Pugsley's!

If you've been looking for one of these very-Canadian fabric panels, they have just arrived at Mrs Pugsley's Emporium.  I will save this for a very special quilt, and no doubt use some of the other Canadian fabrics I purchased earlier at her shop. 
As an interesting aside, the clock tower building which houses Mrs P's quilt shop, was designed by the Chief Dominion Architect for the Government of Canada, Thomas Fuller, the same man who designed the original Parliament Building in Ottawa.

These patriotic fabrics seem very appropriate to the shop.


  1. Beautiful panel and what a great way to celebrate the Canadian 150th birthday. I want one. I'll be in BC this summer and hope to track this panel down. Thanks for sharing.


  2. The name Thomas Fuller rang a bell for me, so I looked him up. He designed the original post office in my home town, too. Lovely architecture, and very distinctive.

  3. I'm not generally a panel lover, but this one IS beautiful! Mrs. P's is in a lovely building. What's upstairs? Office space?