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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Bees A Buzzin"

We were out to visit the bees this morning, and  despite our overcast day, it was wonderful to find everyone out working.  See the little yellow pollen packs on their legs?  You can also see where some of the pollen has fallen between the cracks at the entrance.  Hubby tasted it and declared it very sweet.
It was quite windy, but you can still hear the buzz.
As you can see, the tar paper wrapping which is added for overwintering,has not yet been removed. Our uncertain spring can be full of surprises;  we had snow last week.  I can say for a fact that it was storming on this day 24 years ago.  I will never forget that,  as we welcomed our youngest son in the middle of a snowstorm :)
In a very short time, the blossoms will be out, and the bees will be moved into blueberry blooms. Now I am off to decorate a cake.  No quilting for me today.


  1. How we remember the weather as it related to certain events. 20 years ago, on 30th June, our grandson arrived, such a wild stormy wet windy night.Cake decorating, a bit like quilting, giving a super finish.

  2. Good to see the bees doing so well. Will we see a photo of the cake? Happy Birthday to your young man.

  3. Glad things are a-buzzin'... Happy birthday to your son! 🎂