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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Aurifil Thread

Last year I decided to become a retailer for Aurifil threads. This was something I had dreamt of for some time as this very fine, long-staple, Egyptian cotton is not widely available in my area and I knew if I was having trouble finding it, others were too.  That first order was pretty small.
  I started out with a few different spools in various sizes, and weights. 
As the support for my venture slowly grew, so did my thread stock. I added cones...
and metallics, in gold and silver:
Last fall, I had a request for a collection, so I brought in a few "Basics" (as in Mark Lipinski Basics)

These collections offer a great selection of colours at a fabulous saving over individual spools, so I ordered in a bunch more.  You can see them all in my thread store.  

I also carry empty cases to store your spools.

Primarily, the thread is available for purchase on my website, but I also have it with me at shows and workshops.  If you are local or passing through the area, we can arrange for a pick-up to save on postage.  Mrs Pugsley's Emporium very kindly allows me to leave ordered thread at her quilt shop for pick up there.  Because I am a home-based business, my prices are very competitive (less than the online giant that begins with "C" - no $ exchange or import taxes to pay to get it across the border.  That's all been done. :)  Thank you for your support which allows my store - and my dream - to grow.

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