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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Sisterly Love

We hear the term "brotherly love" fairly often, but the sibling counterpart also exists.  Last year, my always-thoughtful sister Nancy saw a picture of a cake on the internet that looked like a sewing machine.  She immediately thought, "Karen would love that!" and she duly set about finding someone to make it.
It took her 6 months to find the right person - Janet Wilmot, of Janet's Custom Cakery in Truro, N.S. A beaming Nancy and my B-I-L Ralph arrived one day, and held out the cake to me.
The details are incredible; pins, scissors, pincushion, and stitching on the "quilt".  There is even Aurifil-blue thread on the machine! What does one say to something like that? There were no words.
 There were, however, lots of tears.  :)  I am still bowled over by it.
And no - no one was allowed to eat the cake!  It's holding up well, as part of the decor.  Thanks, Nancy and Ralph. xxxxx


  1. Sisters are the best! What an awesome cake!

  2. Your cake is gorgeous, but your " Easter Antependium" is so truly beautiful. Rainbow colours, it glows like a leadlight window.I will admit, I had to Google that new word, for me, and saw many examples of them, but none in fabric, and so beautifully designed.

  3. It's gorgeous! I love it! Six months to find the right baker/decorator. Now, that's dedication.

  4. Oh my GOODNESS!!!!! I can't believe you still have the cake!!! It was definitely one of my all time favourites to make!!

  5. Wow, what a thoughtful sister, and such an incredible cake! I too would have wanted to save it. I assume it's covered in marzipan?
    Loved seeing the Easter antependium again, so beautiful.

  6. Holy moly! That's quite a cake! I think your sister is a keeper! XO