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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Sweet and Simple

The first baby quilt is all done and will be delivered this afternoon.  I used the letters from the Quilt Of Learning pattern to spell out the recipient's name. The rest is simply plain squares of pastel pink, blue and white. When a name is so unique, I always think a personalized gift is extra special.
As I showed in the last post, I put a little scroll inside each heart - some curled to the left and some to the right.
I also stitched scrolls running up the length of the quilt in the strips framing the letters.
The letters themselves were free-motion outlined;  the background was stippled to make the letters stand out.
On the back is a soft blue and white check flannel.

Everything was from stash other than the pink for the binding which came from Mrs. Pugsley's. Emporium.  I chose pink as the quilt is for a little girl.
Now on to the next one, which will be made using brights.  It will have a very different "personality."


  1. So pretty Karen - you are so talented!! Did you freehand the hearts? They are incredible!! I may have to come east so I can learn to machine applique at the feet of the master!!!

    1. Hi, Lori: I drew a heart onto a piece of cardboard and traced around that on each of the squares. Otherwise I would never have been able to keep the size of the hearts consistent. That was all the marking I did. The picots around the heart were the hardest as they were so tiny. Instead of stitching in the ditch between the blocks as I normally so, I used a built-in serpentine stitch and my walking foot to make a wavy line along the block edges. I thought it gave a softer, frillier look. Would love to have you visit any time you are "east"; we'll compare notes on beekeeping too!

  2. This is so sweet! Such a lovely gift for a newborn.

  3. Karen, that's really lovely......little Finley will be warm and cosy wrapped in her quilt!

  4. What a sweet quilt. A lovely gift for a precious little one. Love the way you've quilted it.

  5. Oh ma ma I love the quilt and the quilting !!! Karen I need more classes. Did you do that on your Bernina? What a quilter you are♥