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Friday, 28 March 2014

What a Week!

My  inner duck has been drifting quietly on the surface...but my feet have been paddling like crazy underneath.  We had another blizzard, which brought hurricane force winds (recorded at over 200 kms/hour in Cape Breton!) and more than 40 cm of snow.  To add to the excitement, in the middle of this we needed to make a run to the airport, and hosted house guests. Fortunately, we had enough shovels to go around!
A big batch of beautiful batiks arrived.
The motifs they are sporting are perfect for the occasion.  I hope I can get them sewn before the snow leaves to get some nice outside shots.  Isn't this gorgeous?
But the BIG news is that my editor at AQS sent a photo of the new book cover which I have her permission to share!  Scroll down to see...

It's beyond exciting.  There are still a few months between now and actually holding this new baby in my hands but it's been a huge feeling of satisfaction to see things this far along.

I am off to sew.  The second of my baby quilts stalled out during all the hoopla of the week but it will be finished soon to show you.


  1. The cover is beautiful. I love the colours !!! It is sure to stand out on the book shelves !!!

  2. Oh Karen, that is one beautiful cover! WOW! How exciting!

  3. Congratulations on the book - love the cover!

  4. How Exciting. Can hardly wait for the book signing.
    I know this one is going to fly of the shelves.

  5. The cover is gorgeous - can't wait to see what treasures it is hiding!! Are you going to do a pre-order? We have had awful weather as well this week but not as bad as your neck of the woods! Take care!

  6. Very exciting! What a lovely cover. Good things come to those who wait!

  7. How exciting for you to hold your book cover! I did hear that Amherst won the contest for receiving the most snow, perhaps not the honour you want in March. I was hoping that those high winds blew some away.

  8. NICE!!!!!! (the book - not the weather).
    The end is near for both, huh?
    Congrats Karen!! You work so hard and are so dedicated. xo

  9. At last - I was wondering about the stage of the book project. Congratulations - I look forward to having my own copy.

  10. The cover looks fantastic. I am sure the contents will match.

  11. I love the book jacket♥ and with your input in it ti is bound to be a best seller. Congratulations.