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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Copy Cats

In my previous post, I mentioned we were away a few days;  the cats were left in the care of our eldest son whom both cats adore.  When we returned, Maddie was sitting in the big front window watching for us. After time for greeting both he and Polly, we checked the phone messages and found one from our cat-loving neighbour, quite late the previous night, saying that Maddie was crying at her back door and she wondered if we knew he was out.  She had tried several times to get him to come inside (because it was -20) but he wouldn't.  This sounded odd for a couple of reasons (one of which is that Maddie never cries, he is a silent cat.). I contacted my son to ask if Maddie had escaped one night but he assured me neither cat had been outside the whole time we were away.  We knew immediately what was going on!
For the last little bit there has been a Maddie look alike hanging around.  We've seen him outside and tried to call him in thinking he was our cat, only to look down to find Maddie at our feet.  They look so much alike, it's hard for us to recognize our own child!  Here are the two of them together.
Their tuxedos must have been made by the same tailor as the cut and colouring is almost an exact copy. They have the same bouncy gait.  Impostor Maddie even has the same sleek, shiny, thick fur as our Maddie.
We know he has a home - he is very well cared for - not far from here.  We do wonder if they are brothers?
The only difference is their nose.  This is Impostor Maddie:
This is the real Maddie:
We think it's very funny.  And yes, we have great neighbours!


  1. Ha, ha! It happened to us too. One of our cats was 'hiding' in the house somewhere and didn't come when called so we assumed the one outside (who did look like our little tabby a lot) was ours. How she would have got outside was anybody's guess but we had seen the basement door open the odd time when someone didn't shut is right. After calling and calling, the 'fake' cat just looked at me and went the other way. Yes, ours did turn up from her hiding place - in her own time. This happened a couple of times and I ended up feeling quite foolish calling to a cat that was not mine.
    Your two do have a remarkable resemblance.

  2. They say we ALL have a twin somewhere... lol They sure do look like they are siblings... Glad you had a nice little get-away.

  3. Well....they may or may not be siblings, but they certainly seem to have come from the same gene pool, don't they! They even buy their clothes from the same shop.

  4. It seems as if your cats have a social network outside of the house. Maddie's look alike surely resembles the real Maddie cat.

  5. Replies
    1. Too funny! Reminds me of the time I was cat sitting for some acquaintances, and when they got home, they had one more cat than they had when they left! Don't know how that happened!