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Saturday 15 March 2014

The Quilt Of Learning

Yay- my new quilt is ready to share on International Quilt Day!  I've been challenging myself to see what I could make with pre-cuts of Stof fabrics from Trend-Tex.  Using one Maple Roll (2-1/2" strips), one Maple Cake (10" squares) and one metre of fabric here's what I came up with:
Every colour of the rainbow is included in the "Brights" selection of pre-cuts and it was a snap to put together this very simple quilt.  The extra large size (54" x 62") allows the quilt to grow with the child, and is a great size for a lap quilt, or a nap quilt to take to Nana's.  If you added a border, the quilt could easily be made to fit a twin bed.  The pattern includes all the letters and numbers full sized and already reversed for tracing directly onto the fusible web.It couldn't be easier!
There was fabric enough to make this matching big-block pillow, which is shown here on an antique wicker rocker from the 1920's.  It belonged to my Mom.  I chose letters to spell BABY but it could easily be personalized with your child's name or initials.
The pillow itself would make a fun baby gift.
I named this piece The Quilt Of Learning because that's what it's all about.  
Your child will learn:
  • the alphabet
  • numbers
  • colours
I learned:
  • working with pre-cuts is totally painless (brainless!) and a big time saver.
  • the Maple Roll strips are a perfect width for French-fold double binding - so nice to have the binding all cut and ready to sew.  
  • The strips from Trend-Tex are laser cut with smooth edges, not pinked, so they are not linty like some of the other pre-cuts on the market.  That's important for those of us who have issues with cotton allergies...It also meant my machine was not clogged with fibres.
  • that I have a huge thread stash including many bright colours ...except yellow.   My only yellow on hand was a pale, straw colour (which actually looked fine on the block). I will be shopping for yellow threads!
I used my favourite wool batting and did a continuous curve around each letter, then feathered the curve.  This makes for a nice puffy, cuddly quilt.  I outlined each letter using a machine blanket stitch and black thread to make them stand out. 
Leftover strips were joined end to end to make the rainbow binding.
Maddie was quite taken with the quilt...but I am not sure what he learned from it.
Surprisingly, the bear didn't interest him at all.
I am grateful to Cheryl Coville for her help in editing and checking the instructions. The pattern is available in print form from my website  or as an instant pdf download .  I am also pleased to say that the pattern will be distributed by Trend-Tex Fabrics and available at quilt shops across the country. Please ask at your local quilt store.  Patterns and fabrics are already in stock and ready to go at Mrs. Pugsley's Emporium where the quilt is on display.  I am off there now to check out her yellow thread...
Happy quilting to all!


  1. It's lovely Karen. Bright and colorful, and so much fun for a child. That Maddie is a smart puss - next thing you'll be telling us is Maddie is learning to read!

  2. Oh Karen - how I wish I had seen this 2 weeks ago!! I have already started my new granddaughter's quilt :-(!! But I think Grandma may have to make this one too - it is just so adorable!!

  3. It looks fabulous Karen. Any child would love it.

  4. What a wonderful fun quilt.......shall keep it in mind should the need ever arise (although at this stage it certainly doesn't look as though it will..........)!

  5. Love it, love it, love it!!!

  6. It's bright and cheery and spells fun!!

  7. Love your Learning quilt. You always have such nice patterns... It would make a lovely baby quilt. I like how you appliqued on the letters with dark thread to accentuate the outline of the letters. And I'm glad to know about Trendtex jelly rolls with the laser cut edges. I'm working on a Block of the month ABC quilt and I love working on it....