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Monday, 8 July 2013

Manna From Hawaii

Wow.  Mark Hordyszynski had hinted on his blog that he was sending a small thank you gift to each of the participants in the Mirror Ball Dot Blog Hop.  The gift arrived early this morning, and it was like Christmas morning opening the box.
Mark sent an amazing and fun array of items:  Fusi-Boo fusible batting by Fairfield (which I've never tried before), an editor's copy of SHAG (Mark's novel - and if you check out his blog right away you can enter to win a copy for yourself), Mark's book Strip and Knit With Style, sample packs of thread from Sulky as well a book of projects using their Blendables thread, and Hawaiian macadamia nut chocolates (yum!).
Mark had concerns that the chocolate would not travel well, but it was fine;  the only casualty was this culinary sea salt which opened and spilled throughout the box.  Luckily there was enough left in the package for us to sample.
This adorable tiny origami shirt made by his friend Penny using Mirror Ball Dot fabric is an awesome keepsake.  I love it!
Mark wrote a wonderful letter, which was in this envelope made from Fairy Frost, another of his fabrics.
 Again, it was such a treat to be included in this blog hop.  Mark you certainly made it special.  Me ka `oia`i`o; Mahalo.


  1. Wow- lucky you! What a wonderful gift!!

  2. Wow, what a nice gift. He sure put a lot of work into it!! Love the origami. That's so neat!!

  3. What a lovely surprise! You will have fun with all those goodies.