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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

DIY Thread Holder

No one will ever accuse me of being a neat freak...but I do like things organized in my own way. When I started quilting, my dear sister gifted me with a cute metal thread holder that hangs on the wall.  It was sufficient to hold my then inventory of thread which pretty much consisted of cotton spools in basic colours:  white, black, ecru, blue, red and green.

As my knowledge of thread power grew and the wall holder steadily filled, sister appeared with two clear thread storage boxes...both of which I quickly crammed full.  This one holds specialty threads like silk, holographic, and even some glow in the dark.
Two cans house my treasured hand-quilting threads, extra-special to me as many of the spools came from my grandmother's supply.
Hubby came to the rescue with a wooden board in which he hammered long skinny nails on an angle.  It wasn't pretty, but worked very well for many years.
 However...that thread obsession supply kept growing.
Hubby to the rescue again;  this weekend he installed a larger version of his clever and simple thread holder.  In all, it contains 250, 3-1/2" nails placed on a 30°angle.  Smaller caps fit on the bottom rows with larger cones on the top. His cost was approximately $5. for the wood and $10. for nails. He snugged it up under a shelf which holds boxes of fabric and I was in heaven...until 5'2" me went to load the spools on and realized I could only reach the bottom row of nails. Oh oh...
He obligingly adjusted the holder down about 6" and I am happily moving into my expanded thread storage space.
We'll see how long it takes to fill this one.  I am keeping the smaller, original board in case it needs to go back up sometime too!


  1. Thanks for a great idea. My thread is everywhere!

  2. That's a serious addiction you have goin' on there! I had quite a nice cookie tin of hand appliqué threads at one time, and then had the unfortunate experience of having an excitable dog peeee all over 'em. Fortunately, I found them right away and was able to throw out all the 'damp' ones. Good thing yours are all up high. :)