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Thursday, 4 July 2013


Very often I am approached by different companies to review their products in a blog post.  This has never interested me and I politely take a pass...until I heard from Fix n Zip.  This little gadget intrigued me because my youngest son has never met a zipper he couldn't break.  Hemming pants is one thing, but replacing a broken zipper has got to be the worst mending chore ever.  (and having it done at the dry cleaners has not worked out well for fussy me as I've ended up redoing jobs on several occasions...) FixnZip is a brilliantly simple way to replace a broken slider on a zipper.  As the package says, no tools and no sewing required and even a klutz like me was able to do it myself (never mind I put it on upside down on the first go, it was easy to switch around. :)

When my Fixnzip arrived, the first thing I did was watch the how-to videos on their website:  The hardest part was deciding which zipper to fix first!  I chose a favourite hoodie which -other than the worn out zipper - was not ready to be tossed.
The size of the zipper is stamped on the back, and a medium Fixnzip was the right one for this job.
All you do is screw it in place and zip it up - voil√†!  There are two pulls which come in the package so I will let my son choose which one he prefers.
The best part is this is easily removed and used on another zipper when the time comes...and it will.  In this house, it would be handy to have a drawer full of these at the ready.  Thank you Fixnzip for the time you saved me replacing this zipper.


  1. Never heard of this, but it sure sounds like it would be a useful thing to have around. Zippers don't last like they used to...
    Thanks for sharing this with us Karen

  2. What a clever idea! I wonder how many perfectly good garments have been thrown out because of a broken zip?