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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Trunk Show

Last evening I had the pleasure of doing a trunk show for the Sackville, New Brunswick Quilt Guild.  I fussed for a couple of days over what to take - how many, how few, which ones?  After 26 years in the biz, there are a few (!) quilts in my closet(s). I always figure it's better to take too many than not enough but the weight of these monsters adds up quickly.  In the end I went with 8 bags full.
It's always a treat for me to go to Sackville, as I have such fond memories of the town from my days there as a student.  It was an extra special treat to meet this genuine, generous, enthusiastic group of quilters and get to spend an evening immersed in all things quilting.  For sure, I was given a warm, royal welcome - picked up at my door and delivered back, bags carried, tea they gifted me with fabric!
I've been invited back to present a workshop in the spring, and I can't wait to go.  I know it will be a fabulous day spent in their company.  Sincere thanks to all for the reception you gave me last evening - gosh, a girl could get a swelled head pretty quick! - especially to Darlene, Greta and Gail.  See you in May!


  1. They ARE a great group in Sackville. I too have fond memories of this group, please say HI for me! I know you'll enjoy the workshop day with this great guild.

  2. I looked up Sackville, what a lovely place! We have a Sackville here in New South Wales too, probably named for the same reason.

  3. was great to be part of your show & tell in Sackville. You were inspiring! I'm interested in hearing more about workshops that you might have planned for 2013. I'll bookmark your page and check back.