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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Easy Lettering

MS Word is such a time saver when it comes to lettering.  In the olden days, the process involved a trip to the print shop to enlarge the font and then tracing it backwards against the window onto the fusible web.  Now I simply go into Word, select a font and manually type the size I want in the box. The drop down menu for the font size usually goes up as high as 72 but just ignore that and type in a larger number if you require larger print.  Circled below you will see that I am using Harrington font in 175 point.  My large format printer takes sheets 11 x 17, so choosing a landscape orientation with narrow margins yields pretty much the exact size I want for my 20-1/4" antependiums.   After typing my word, I click the arrow to the right of the blue A to give the menu for text effects.  Choosing "outline" gives hollow letters, thus saving ink.
When I am ready to print, I click on "printer properties" and under the advanced setting I can choose to print my letters in mirror image.  This means I can trace directly onto the paper side of my fusible web and not have my letters come out reversed. I iron this web to the wrong side of my fabric, cut out the letters and fuse them in place on my fabric.


  1. I love that red fabric. It is such a great shade of red, so hard to find.

  2. It is indeed a glorious red! The pieced quilt in the right hand corner is interesting too......

  3. I never knew you could just type in any old number! What a great tip. Thanks!

  4. This is great info Karen. Thanks We all want to save steps whenever possible. The red is luscious