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Friday, 22 February 2013

Greenland, Hello!

Although you may not have noticed it, tucked neatly at the bottom on the left side of this blog is a "Feedjit" gadget which shows the countries of visiting readers. No need to be concerned about being tracked:  neither your IP address nor your identity is disclosed in any way. (My own shows up as originating in Cape Breton, the other end of the province from where I live!)  It's fun to realize that this is being viewed from around the world.Today there was a visitor whose flag I didn't immediately recognize;  turns out "Vestgronland" is known to us as Greenland!  Love the flag - it would look great quilted! :)  Please leave a comment below to let us know where you are visiting from.
    Sisimiut, Vestgronland arrived on "Sew Karen-ly Created...: 


  1. I am here from B.C., Karen!

  2. Hello from sunny Fredericton, New Brunswick !!

  3. Hello from sunny Fredericton, New Brunswick !!

  4. Your gadget shows me as coming from everywhere else but where I really live! Today it says Sydney, New South Wales, and we don't live there now.

  5. I am from London, Ontario.

    Christine G.

  6. Mine says Yarmouth and it is close.... but no cigar... Saulnierville in Clare District NS

  7. Mine periodically says I am in Moncton, which I think is just a mother's wishful thinking, not reality.