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Sunday, 10 February 2013


Our kitties came out to help shovel.  Maddie didn't seem quite so taken aback by the snow this time - perhaps he is getting used to the idea.  Polly was her usual into-everything-with-gusto self.
She waited for the scoop to be empty and then hopped on as it passed by.
We decided to see what Maddie thought of this, and headed the scoop towards him.  Take note of Polly's ears as we get closer and closer to Maddie:

The ears are starting to flatten...
Oh, oh...look out Maddie - this isn't looking good for you...
A lunge and a swat to protect her cherished scoop - Polly is NOT sharing!
At this point the camera batteries died, otherwise you would have seen that once the scoop was out of the picture, the kitties were fine again - running and playing together.  Boundaries have been established and recognized so all is well.  Good thing we have two snow for each cat!


  1. A good day to stay in and sew by the fire, I think.
    Those kitties will need their paws warmed!

  2. How adorable. It would be neat to see them in action with a little movie someday.

  3. Those kitties are funny, for sure! You know, I can't begin to imagine that much never snows here. On the rare occasions that snow does fall, it melts before it hits the ground.

  4. Hahahahaha, too funny! Polly is protecting her "property"!! Poor Maddie, she needs her own scoop!! Once she catches on, they can be dualling scoopers...