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Monday, 26 November 2012

Roots And Wings

The Tradition in Transition show opened yesterday at the Joshua Creek Heritage Centre in Oakville, Ontario.  Originally this exhibit was presented at the 18th Carrefour Européen du Patchwork in Alsace, France in September.  Curator Sandra Reford has put together this show with tremendous vision and extraordinary attention to detail.  I am both proud and humbled that my Log Canada is included.  Here you see a picture of the hanging of the show last week.  You can read more on this post on  Sandra's blog.
The gala opening was held yesterday where Sandra once again gave a talk on the show to over 50 guests. This same lecture she delivered in four languages in France, so this must have been a milk run for her!  Previous to this, Sandra hosted a dinner party at her home for all the artists involved. Sadly, I was not in attendance.
This exhibit of 36 quilts chosen from each of Canada’s 10 provinces and 3 territories reflects the diversity of styles and characteristics of Canadian creators and the regions from which they come.  Sandra's mission was to produce an exhibition of textile work of an exceptional technical level and which represents the current state of quilt and textile art in Canada.  The quilts run the gamut from traditional to modern and show how our quilting has grown and "transitioned" from utilitarian to art.  As a Maritimer with my roots firmly planted in traditional patchwork, I love the acknowledgement of where it all started, and the excitement of seeing where we are now.  Our grandmothers laid a solid groundwork to allow us to soar.
The show runs until January 6, 2013 so if you are in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) please stop in and have a look at this exceptional presentation.
All photos in this post are courtesy of Sandra Reford.

I love this last photo with the Tim Horton's cup;  how very Canadian!


  1. Oh, it sounds amazing. Maybe next year I can talk someone into going with me.

  2. What a wonderful show this is! Glad you are the quilter representing NS. I see Riel's amazing selvedge quilt there too. Maritimers rule!

  3. What a beautiful show - too bad you couldn't have been there for the Opening.
    You are so brave to be undertaking a kitchen reno at this time of year, but I love the green. It will be beautiful and so worth it when complete.
    Anxiously waiting to see that next Antependium.

  4. Thanks for posting about this exhibit. It was a huge deal for these amazing canadian works to be exhibited in France at the 18th carrefour with 21000 (yes that's right -three zeros!) came to see it. Thank you so very much Karen for accepting the invitation and being without your work for 6 months! And BTW, My kitchen cupboards are green ( a historical grey green) and I love them.

  5. As always, I enjoyed my visit. It would be such fun to visit the Toronto exhibit, but I am hsppy to see some pics here.