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Wednesday 7 November 2012

Purrfectly Polly

It's been awhile since Polly made an appearance here on the blog;  she hasn't had much time to quilt as there have been other distractions in her life. Despite her small size, Polly is actually 1-1/2 years old and well past time for her to make the family-planning decision.  She decided to do the responsible thing and duly made the required trip to the vet.  Polly decided if she were to have a kitten, she would adopt.
The thought had barely formed when we began hearing faint, baby mews from under our front door step.  One often hears about babies being left on the their doorstep, and I guess that's what happened here.  We could hear it but not see it, as the kitten would not come near us. It just cried and cried, a lost forlorn wail. Naturally, I left food but kitten came out only when no one was around.  For over a week that little baby was outside, during rain and chilly nights.  With the forecast of one particularly cold night,I made a flanellette blanket stuffed with double layers of wool and pushed it under the doorstep.  The next morning when I went out to talk to kitten, it purred in response;  I could see the little paws kneading the edge of the quilt, so I knew it had brought him comfort.  Where was Polly through all of this?  I was keeping her inside as I was afriad she might chase the kitten away.  Finally, I could stand Polly being cooped up no longer and I let her out.  She immediately came to the doorstep and began sniffing suspiciously.  As soon as the kitten saw her, he came right to her with love in his eyes.  "Mama!!"
Polly wasn't so sure this was her baby...and it took her a bit of getting used to the idea.  Finally, we propped the front door open and the kitten followed Polly into the house.  Look at that face, and the little black nose.  It horrifies me to think this little baby was on his own, outside.  Here he is cuddled in hubby's arms; hubby named him Maddie.  Maddie purrs so loudly you can hear him in the next room!  Now that we have his trust, he's very affectionate.
Polly took to motherhood like a duck to water.  She showed the kitten where to sleep...
...and allowed him to play with her favourite toys.  Maddie trots along behind Polly wherever she goes.  When they go outside, Polly watches him like a hawk and herds him back into the yard if he ventures too far.  She's very protective. 
After a month of non-stop eating, Maddie is almost the size of Polly (that's Polly on the right).


  1. What a great happy ending for Maddie, he's a gorgeous little feller! Now you have two cats to help with your sewing......

  2. Awwwww... I WON'T show this to Ollie in case he decides he needs a baby too... lol Congrats on expanding your family. I'm sure Polly will show Maddie how to be helpful in the studio...

  3. So glad Polly has a baby to love. Be careful though, if this keeps up, you could become one of those "cat people". Of course, I don't know anyone like that. :)
    Best wishes from Arnold, Edmund and Orville!

  4. How sweet and kind of Polly to adopt Maddie. Or, was it the other way around?

  5. Congratulations!!! Maddie is adorable and I am sure you will enjoy the extra "help" in your studio!!

  6. Wow. Maddie's really filling out! So pleased this story (well told!) has a happy ending. Lucky cats. Lucky you.

  7. Oh happy days. So glad to hear a happy ending to this story.

  8. Karen,

    My DH and I really enjoyed your post!! We rescued Nermal 3 summers ago and he has changed our lives forever!! Garfield wasn't to pleased though!!! I'm glad Polly and Maddie are getting along so well!!

  9. Well done. Polly! And Maddie is such a cutie - he picked a wonderful home to adopt.

  10. I'm sure their antics will keep you very amused over the coming winter. Lucky Maddie for having found such an accommodating adoptive family.

  11. What a sweet story. I love happy endings. They both are beautiful felines. So happy that they are in your care.

  12. A great chapter story. We will track the adventures of Maddie and big sister Polly as they grace your sewing studio and your home
    Thanks Lynn