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Sunday, 25 November 2012

50 Shades Of Green

Nope, I am not writing a novel...but choosing paint colours for a kitchen reno.  Hubby and I studied a lot of shade cards before choosing one we both liked.
We opted for Kennebunkport Green to complement the warm tan. (We've been to Kennebunkport many times and felt it was a safe bet.)
It was a lot of work removing old wallpaper and of course Polly was right in there helping.  By late afternoon, she conked out.
And where was the other helper?  Maddie had no interest in the work;  he opted for the soft couch in the family room.
After choosing the colour, the paint chips were no longer needed.   Rather than toss them, I cut them into tree shapes and will use them for Christmas tags.
If my kitchen ever does turn into a screenplay, maybe Simon Baker will play the contractor...


  1. Mmmm, contractor's coming to my house for some minor fix-ups and he doesn't look at all like Simon Baker, darn. Greens are not an easy choice with so many to pick from. My eye was caught by a fireplace surround on the cover of This Old House and I have tucked the colour into my "file" for future cabinets so I don't have to face too many decisions when the time comes. I like your green too and your clever use of the leftovers. Smooth sailing on the work ahead.

  2. The color you choose is beautiful... You crack me up with your ideas..soooo perfect for tags!

  3. : ) Trees are cute : ) OH KAREN - YOUR BLOG BANNER IS GORGEOUS! sigh wow that is stunning. Hope you are having a good winter...
    : )

  4. Might I suggest you save the winning color chip tho?! I took some paint and a door to paint at my Dad's house. The paint dissapeared with the brushes, etc, but I eventually found the paint chip and after 2 years I can finish my double swinging kitchen door! Picking paint colors is so painfully slow for me - congrats on your color choices.