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Friday 30 November 2012

Calming TheTerror

Last year at Fibre Arts Festival, I taught a workshop entitled Free Motion Quilting For The Absolutely Terrified.  This was our project for the day, a small wallhanging:
It was a very successful day and the students left feeling much more in control of losing control of their machines. Lynn decided to turn her stitching into this very pretty tote bag. As Lynn says, "It is not dramatic in colour, but it does have a soft beauty that I like."  It's always difficult to get a good picture of a wholecloth, but if you click to zoom in you can see the stitching details she has added. 
Thank you for sharing the photo, Lynn.  I hope readers will leave a comment to pat Lynn on the back for tackling - and conquering - her fear. 


  1. Lovely bag Lynn! Your stitching is gorgeous and I think your idea to turn it into a bag is brilliant! One day I will cross the country and get Karen to teach me Free motion! If it turns out half as well as her method for basting a quilt I will be one very happy camper!! Lori

  2. Wow, good job Lynn. I really need to practice my free motion quilting more.

  3. Well done, Lynn! I love how you have used different thread colours.

  4. Lynn, I love your tote, it is so pretty. You did a fantastic job!! Isn't it wonderful when you try something you didn't think you could do and it turns out so well?!
    Diane P

  5. Beautiful bag and the quilting is goprgeous on it.