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Thursday, 18 October 2012

A Little Inspiration

Last week during the demonstration at dayle's, I finished up the machine quilting on this Christmas version of Roundabout Again.  The angle is a little odd in this picture as it is spread out on the dining room table.  I will take it full on when I get a hanging sleeve on the back.

I put a little flicker of gold metallic thread in each point and did a continuous curve in the spaces between.   The outer ring was quilted in unmarked, free hand feathers using the curved edge of the archband as the spine of the feather.
I used this piece in the workshop to demonstrate the application of binding an inside corner, and also my really easy method of joining the ends of the binding in a diagonal seam. 
New York Roundabout Again pattern #112 is available here.


  1. That little sparkle of gold sets off the fabrics beautifully! How do you attach a hanging sleeve to a curved top?

    1. Hi, Jennifer: I will answer this question in an upcoming blog post!

  2. Jennifer thanks for asking my question for me!! I have my version of the New York Roundabout Again waiting to be quilted, and the hanging sleeve has been a concertn.