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Monday, 1 October 2012

Fibre Arts Festival Countdown

The Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival is only a week away and Amherst is busily preparing for the influx of visiting fibre artists.  Posters have begun appearing around the downtown and shop windows are sporting arrays of beautiful handwork.  I have piles and piles stacked up around the house;  one pile of items necessary for the workshop, another for my quilting display at dayle's.  Later today I will haul quilts out of my closet and begin deciding which ones will go in dayle's window display, so that will be yet another pile.  I am thinking it will be all New York Beauties this year;  I seem to have a lot of those.

Although not directly involved in the festival as such, hubby has his own pile:  jars of honey to be sold at Festival Headquarters.
The diningroom table is buried under almost 50 aprons from the collection of Diane Shink.  Diane has amassed a rather substantial apron collection, currently numbering around 1000 vintage aprons.  Shortly, these aprons will head to the library where they will be on display throughout festival week.
Naturally, I had to go through the group to see what treasures she had brought.  This is my favourite.
I love the scalloped bottom, the fan shaped pockets, and that embroidery is over the top gorgeous.  (Do you suppose she would notice if this one didn't make it home to her again?)
This apron is one of many which Diane has featured in her weekly minder entitled, "My Grandmother Always Wore One."
The books will be available during Fibre Arts Festival at Festival Headquarters.


  1. Wow, you must be getting excited! That honey looks so good. My grandmother often wore an apron too, but not one as pretty as that! Diane's book would be a trip down memory lane for a lot of people, don't you think?

  2. Oh WOW. wow.
    Is this annual Karen? sheesh... wish I was there.
    ps. I LOVE aprons, with bibs. I won't go in the kitchen without one. (I'm messy lol).
    : )
    Have a fabulous time!!!!
    ps- I sent you a little something in the mail. Let me know when it arrives.

  3. What a shame it would be to dirty this apron!! I'd want to wear an apron over it.

  4. That is such a beautiful vintage apron, you are right. I have a very small collection of aprons that came from my mother. Some are truly memorable from when I was a child. In particular were the "cocktail" ones that you wore during the holidays when hosting dinners for Christmas or Thanksgiving. Cute and pretty, but did not do much to cover your clothing. More like an accessory. Thanks for sharing. Would love to see the show.