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Tuesday 9 October 2012

Fibre Arts Festival Display at Dayle's

Hubby and I took advantage of a beautiful Saturday afternoon to walk downtown and check out some of the displays in place for this week's Fibre Art Walk.  
The colourful signs and banners create a festival atmosphere all over town.
Jackie Estabrooks, the designer at dayle's, did her usual stellar job creating this display of some of my New York Beauty quilts for the store front window.  I especially love how she wrapped the mannequin in one of the quilts.
It's difficult to take a picture through a store window without getting glare and reflection from the activity in the street, so look past all the shadows and blips.
If you are in town this week, I invite you to come have a look at the window, 129 Victoria Street in Amherst, Nova Scotia.


  1. Wow, That looks like fun. Some gorgeous looking pieces - Enjoy, from Dianna, UK

  2. Looking so forward to seeing your display in person on Friday.

  3. OH KAREN your work looks so beautiful! Oh you must be beaming : )

    have a blast!

  4. What a lovely display!! Wish I could be there to see it in person.

  5. Your work has been beautifully displayed! The banners are great too, so colourful and inspiring. Best wishes for a successful festival!

  6. I will send my favourite paramedic to take a look, on my behalf!