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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Three R's

Used to be we had 3 R's - readin', (w)ritin' and 'rithmatic.  Now, with inflation, there are 4:  reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose.  Check out this very cool bag Mary Farrow Sinclair made for me out of old plastic grocery bags.  It feels like straw, and I expect will wear like iron.
Mary saves different brands to use for the colour;  I understand that's a blue Sears bag at the top.  How clever!


  1. It will wear like iron, believe me! I can remember a friend making these ages ago - must have been in the early-mid 80s? She also made hats using the same method, but I reckon they would have been hot and uncomfortable to wear.

  2. What a great bag!! Is it knit or crocheted or...??

  3. Very nice bag bag! I've seen rugs and hats made with plastic bread wrappers, but no purses. Some people are just so clever. It would make a great beach tote in a bigger size. No worry about it getting wet!

  4. Love the bag. That is neat how she planned out the color. My kind of project for sure!

  5. Crochet is her method. I can't believe that she cuts up plastic bags to make new bags!!!! But I've seen her do it!! I'm bringing her some bags when I visit next week at the Fibre Arts Festival. Who's going to be there???

    See you soon,
    daughter of the crazy yet thrifty Mary FS

  6. I think this is a great idea. I don't crochet, but would be tempted to try one.