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Monday, 10 September 2012

When You're Hot, You're Hot

It's a special thing to get interviewed for an online blog post, but it's an extra-special, out-of-the-ordinary thing to have it happen, independently, on two different sites on the same day. It happened recently for Kathy Tidswell whom I read about first here on the Canadian Quilter's Association blog and then a few minutes later on the NS Fibre Arts Festival blog . Way to go, Kathy! Kathy is well deserving of such recognition. Though long a fan of her work, I first met her only a few years' back when she came to teach at the N.S. Fibre Arts Festival. Last year I had the pleasure of taking one of her thread-painting classes. She is coming again this year to do a two-day class on thread painting a portrait of your pet. I'd dearly love to do one of Polly; just look at that sweet face :)

Kathy is a wonderful, patient teacher and in high demand; so much so in fact that she was invited to teach in Luxembourg. Wow!

I will be taking care of the registration for her class after September 2oth, but in the meantime you can contact Kathy directly for the details.

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  1. A very interesting interview with Kathy! Yes, you definitely need a thread painting of Polly......that would be fun to see.