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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Individual Consumption

For the first time in what feels like years, Polly and I spent the day at the sewing machine. We had to. We needed to feel the fabric and hear the purr of the machine; most of all we needed the fulfillment of creating something lovely...from nothing . That's magic, you know.Because we chose to work with selvedges, the "nothing" was almost literal in this case. It was such fun to rifle through the basket of selvedges...old friends left from prior projects. Some of the ends are years and years old, so it's nostalgic to remember what was made from each, and from whence each was acquired. Some of the Moda and Kansas Troubles I recognize as coming from Joan. There are a few Darlene Zimmerman fabric edges which were sent by Robin, a reader from Henrico, VA. (Do you still visit, Robin?) Each of these leftover snippets is unique, as individual manufacturers word their edges to suit their needs. One in particular caught my eye as I stitched it in place. This one from Northcott reads, "Licence is required for any use beyond individual c..." That's where it cut off, at the "c".
Naturally I had to go through the pile to find another with the same wording. Consumption. "Licence is required for any use beyond individual consumption".

I thought for a bit on how I am consuming the fabric...then I thought even longer about how fabric consumes's a two-way street. Then it dawned on me because Polly and I are both involved in the process - and therefore not individuals being consumed - perhaps Northcott should be required to have a license to work with us... ?


  1. Polly looks like she would rather consume some tasty fish. My kittens would be right in the middle of that pile of selvedges!
    I hope you ladies had fun, with all your consuming.

  2. That "license to consume" thing is the stupidest bit of stupidity the fabric companies have come up with yet. There. I said it. I see Polly's fur is still growing in after her run-in with the vet. Glad you're both back at work, where you should be. :)