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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Roundabout Again...Again

This morning on a trip to dayle's to drop off some patterns, I spotted this gorgeous black print. 

 Granted, it doesn't look so gorgeous in this picture, but trust is.  They also had it in red and green;  all three colourways were equally stunning.  I couldn't resist and came home with a couple of metres of the black with no project in mind, but just to have.  I petted and admired it as I worked away, all the while hearing this little voice whispering, "really, Karen?  They had it in red and you bought BLACK?"  So we all know I trotted back down to dayle's to get that red. 
I introduced it to the rest of my Christmas collection and love how it goes with...well, everything.  It is red after all. ( I've never met a red I didn't like.)
And of course, once that fabric was laid out there was nothing I could do except start sewing...


  1. Is that one of the Fusions prints? They are lovely - the shaded background and the subtle print is a great combination.

  2. That's beautiful. There are some who believe red is a neutral. ;-)