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Friday, 31 August 2012

Fibre Arts Festival Flurry

There's been lots of festival activity (which is where we get the term "festivity"!) going on lately, in preparation for the 5th big year. If you haven't checked the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival blog in awhile, you may want to skip over there now. Joan Beswick has posted the first in a series of interviews with folks involved with the festival, beginning with Vera McInnis. The N.S. Fibre Arts Festival website has been completely redone making it mobile friendly, accessible by iPhone and iPad users.
The workshop lineup this year is impressive for the scope of disciplines included. Of particular interest to quilters are workshops which include A Maze Of Colour by Phyllis Cameron, Accidental Landscapes (a Karen Eckmeier technique) by Mary Farrow-Sinclair, Roundabout Again (New York Beauty quilt) by Karen Neary (me!), Crazy Quilt by Vera McInnis, Free Motion Embroidery with Kathy Tidswell and Cathedral Window Quilt by Phyllis Cameron. Registration details for these workshops as well as many others may be found on the website.
Yesterday I picked up the 500+ foundation sheets from the printers which will be used in my workshop. Packaging the kits will be my Labour Day labour.The Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival runs October 9-13, 2012 right here in Amherst.


  1. I never stopped to think about the work involved behind the scenes to prepare for the festival. I'm getting very excited and might spend some time this weekend with my crayons. ;-)

  2. Your project looks great already:)Can't wait!