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Thursday, 16 August 2012

It's Sew Ezi To Fall In Love

Buddy Holly and Linda Ronstadt both sang it, and now I'm singing it too. My Sew Ezi table arrived...and I love it!
As mentioned in a previous post, I have been pondering purchasing one of these tables for some time and after seeing it in person at Quilt Canada this spring I was sold. My friends Marilyn in California and Jennifer in Australia both have Sew Ezi tables and have only good things to say. Marilyn uses hers to take to workshops, but Jennifer's is in use full time at home. I plan to do both. As there is already a large wooden sewing cabinet in this room housing one machine I simply did not want another big piece of furniture; I wanted something small but solid and this answers both needs. It does not wobble. Even the packaging was reinforced with wooden supports. And do you see that white tag on the right in the carry case? My name was already on the label, so this felt like my table the minute I opened the box. (Nice touch, Ian!)

There was very little by way of assembly, as the legs were on when it came. All that was required was to add four screws for the hanging table which the machine sits on. (Dare I say "so easy"?:) Look carefully at the picture below to see who thought she could help. Do you see the little black paw reaching out?
Yup, it's Polly. In the time it took to pick up the Allen wrench, Polly had wiggled underneath the table.
She made sure my husband put those screws in correctly.
Aren't those built in wheels on the table the coolest thing? You simply fold the table and wheel it to class. The design is brilliant.
Polly is a tough taskmaster as you can see from those teeth.

Finally it met her approval.
The table has custom inserts to accommodate your sewing machine so this one fits my 440 perfectly. I also purchased a solid wooden insert so I can remove the Bernina and set my serger up on top.
The service I received from Ian Love, the Canadian Sew Ezi distributor, was excellent. He even telephoned to confirm order and shipping details and has kept in touch by email each step along the way. It's not often you get such personal service when purchasing online.
I've already got plans for my little Sew Ezi table to accompany me to two events during this year's Fibre Arts Festival. you suppose Linda Ronstadt is actually a quilter?


  1. Wahoo! I'm sew glad you have it. Boy, that took some time to get it to you. I'm using mine this weekend when I go to my quilt guild's annual retreat.


  2. Very nice. I saw them at Quilt Canada. I thought they were bigger than they actually are. They are a perfect size to tuck away. It's on my wishlist!!

  3. My DH and I both have had Sew Ezi tables for several years and we love them.

    They have travelled all around with us --- we've even taken them on camping trips.

    Have fun with yours.

  4. It looks great. I wonder if I could get one to fit my serger?

  5. What would you do without your little assistant? I didn't see her paw right away in the first picture. So cute! My little B&W visitor returned last night without a single word of explanation.

  6. Polly is such a great helper - I don't know how you could manage without her!

  7. congratulations on your new table!!! I too have one and am very happy with the service provided by Ian as well as the table. It's so much easier to sew when your table is at the proper height (kitchen table is not a good height!!!)