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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Hooked On New York Roundabout

Kate Seely from Ontario is working diligently on her New York Roundabout mat. Isn't it gorgeous?
She took a break from it this winter to do this Oriental. Of this mat Kate writes, The Oriental is called "Double Happiness" because that is what the grouping of 2 characters at each end of the rug mean. I was at loose ends deciding what to do in the purple columns because I had hooked in a number of things and taken them out because I didn't like them. Knowing how complex Chinese characters are, I decided to see if numbers were any easier. They are! The characters down the left side and up the right side read 6 1 2 4 9 - my birth date.

Beautiful work. Thanks so much for sharing these pictures, Kate - now...get hooking: we want to see the New York Roundabout finished! :)


  1. Really enjoyed seeing your work, Kate. Did you make the quilt also? It would be interesting to see them together. Maybe that could be your next project!

  2. Thanks for sharing your projects Kate. The colours in the New York Roundabout are very appealing to me

  3. Karen,
    So Kate didn't do her tablerunner a block at a time? Did she transfer your pattern to a large sheet of paper?