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Saturday, 30 June 2012


I've been taunting you with glimpses of the quilt made using Plume fabrics by Timeless Treasures. Now it's time for the big reveal!
Polly and I began work on this piece in March. Every step in the process of working with these beautiful fabrics was pure delight. The fabric has a peacock theme so in keeping with this I chose spiky, pointy blocks to suggest feathers. Using EQ7, palm blocks were drafted on a 60° grid, and encircled by New York Beauty blocks. The yellow centres of the rings in the NYB blocks are reminiscent of the eye on a peacock’s tail feathers. (Sigh...get off the quilt, Polly.)

Originally I intended to back the quilt with a plain royal blue cotton. After I had it basted however, it was bothering me not to use the royal blue print from the Plume line, so I took it all out and started over. I am very glad I did.

The feather theme was carried through into the quilting, which was done using a gold metallic thread. I stitched feathers up the "legs" of the central palm blocks.

I echo quilted an eye in the gold NYB centres, and stitched feathery peacock plumes in the V shape below.

Although it is rather heavily quilted, spaces were left to allow the loft of the wool batting to puff.

I like how the piecing draws your eye to the centre, so to accentuate that I added a sparkly black button.

This interestingly shaped quilt is neither round nor oval but has elongated patches added top and bottom; a beaded black tassel adds the finishing touch. Amazingly, I stumbled across a tassel which was a perfect match for the button. What are the odds?

After the binding was added, I decided to block the quilt to ensure it would hang straight. To do this, I pinned the quilt to a cardboard cutting mat and sprayed it with water. Then I covered the quilt with plastic and left it overnight to dry.

Here you see the reason for the plastic. Polly assumed guard duty.

It took some time to come up with a good name. Jackie from dayle's suggested a crossword dictionary which was a terrific idea. I discovered that the name for a flock of peacocks is an ostentation, and it aptly describes this showy, ostentatious quilt of glitzy fabric and thread. Because I was so pleased with my finished design, on a whim I sent off a picture to Timeless Treasures who are running a "Stitch Star" contest on this fabric line. How exciting to get a phone call from their office in New York last week telling me Ostentation is a semi-finalist!

The quilts are all shown on the Timeless Treasures Stitch Star blog and voting is now underway for People's Choice. The prizes in this competition are substantial - $5,000.00 and a Horizon Memory Craft 7700QCP Sewing Machine by Janome for first place - so I do hope you will take a moment to vote. Think of all the fabric that would buy...!


  1. Karen - that is absolutely spectacular! You did an amazing job designing a design to showcase the fabrics. And your quilting ins amazing! Great job - thank you for sharing (I have been waiting patiently!!) and good luck in the contest. I am now off to vote!!

  2. It's fabulous!I love it. Amazing job and good luck in the contest. Would be awesome to win any of those prizes. I voted. fingers crossed. Love your header pic!

  3. Gorgeous work Karen, as always! I've just returned from voting. Good luck!!

  4. I voted! Not a hard decision. Your quilt is gorgeous. How come Polly didn't get credit, too?

  5. Oh wow......the little glimpses we've had haven't prepared us for how gorgeous this piece is! I'm off to vote right now. Best wishes for Canada Day, your new header pic is very appropriate - love it!

  6. "Ostentation" is beautiful! I certainly was
    happy to vote for it. Good luck! I really
    love your gazebo/bandstand picture.

  7. This quilt is lovely Karen (as usual) and I love it's title "Ostentation" and it's significance to the quilt. It takes it to another learning level--"flock of peacocks...". The colours and patterns are very pleasing to the eye. Your handwork and ideas are wonderful and no wonder you received a semi-finalist status. Congrats!!!!A fellow teacher/friend, Jill L.-B.

  8. So Beautiful!! You got my vote.k Your work is always so gorgeous!
    Diane P

  9. The voting is on and your beautiful piece is getting up there. "Friends get over there and vote" It is fun to watch the % go up on your scale Karen... every bit of recognition is deserving! Gook Luck/ Bonne chance!

  10. This is an amazingly beautiful and intricate quilt. I hope you win. I'm voting for you!

  11. Its beautiful. I am voting for you. Wishing you all the success and win. Hopefully, you will be offering the pattern for sale in your patterns website.

  12. Karen,
    Your work is so beautiful it defies words. I love this quilt and the one featured on the top of your home page in that historic location. I love your colors, details and I really enjoy your writing style.
    I'm so inspired when I visit your blog!