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Monday, 28 May 2012

Almost Out Of String

It's time to start my fourth and final dorm quilt. Last year when my youngest and his friends were heading off in different directions to university, I struck on the notion of making each a quilt in their chosen school colours. Polly was newly arrived in our household and my son's was the first quilt she helped construct. She's now been with us one full year, having shown up on the Victoria Day long weekend, which has just passed. It makes me smile to see how small she is in this picture!
The last quilt is for a friend of my son finishing high school this year and I've had my listening ears on to discreetly learn where he is heading in the fall (trying to keep a bit of surprise in this!) The first quilt (shown above with Polly) was a Log Cabin (you can see pictures here), and subsequent quilts have been made with the "strings" leftover from that quilt...with extra colours added as needed. The first one is here, and the second one is here. The colours of this last school are red and blue. As before, I begin with pages from an old telephone book to use as foundation.
This looks like a whack of fabric but in isn't and it may be a stretch to get enough for the quilt.

Construction is a simple stitch and flip technique.

(Almost) 3 blocks done, 45to go!


  1. Polly is such a sweetie - give her a big hug form me, and from our cats! It's surprising just how much fabric it takes to make a quilt.

  2. Red and blue- sounds like Acadia to me...? Polly is SUCH a great helper... You go, Polly -girl!!

  3. Oh yeah! Making string blocks is such a great way to get rid of old fabric. Maybe you should call those quilts you've done the Polly Series. Happy first anniversary.

  4. A whole year already? She's so cute in that photo. What a nice thing to do for your son's friends.