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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Trend Tex Challenge 2012

The buzz in Maritime quilt circles this week is the opening of Quilt Canada in Halifax. Despite big plans to go spend the week, enter a quilt in every show and attend all the classes (!) life didn't quite work out that way and my only entry this year is in the Trend Tex Challenge. I hope to at least have a quick trip to the city to see this show. I've been doing this challenge for many years now and each time try to use a technique I haven't done before.This very pale, watery fabric was a bit of a shock to someone like me who normally gravitates towards bright, happy colours. I showed the back of the quilt earlier but with the show opening tomorrow, I think it's safe to flip it over and show the front now.
The theme was "At Home In My Garden By The Sea." Oh my... With only 5 fabrics, all very close in value, I settled on alternating the pink and blues for the sailboats and water to add a little interest.

The sailboats are encircling a garden oasis which (of course!) features a bee in her garden.

My "new" technique to try this year is raw edge applique. I can honestly say, it isn't my thing.

The little wallhanging quilted up very nicely and I am pleased with how it turned out.

The Trend Tex Challenge Show is at Dalplex, and open Wed. - Sat. Hours- Wed. and Thurs. 9-5, Fri. 9-8, Sat. 9-5. Admission is free.


  1. Very nice Karen! You are so talented!

  2. I was at the Trend-Tex challenge last year, and had a terrible time picking just one quilt for the Viewers Choice award. (I went back and got a second ballot, don't tell anyone).
    Your quilt is just lovely, and I am sorry I will be missing Quilts Canada, this year.

  3. I love your Trend Tex piece. The colors, the design, the shape, the quilting... I love it all. I can't wait to see it in person. I'll be heading to the shows on Thursday and Friday. I'm sure I'll be overwelmed with all the beautiful quilts.

  4. It's very pretty! and the bee is the perfect touch.

  5. I will be there tomorrow to see it in person. Can't wait. It's wonderful.

  6. Lovely entry Karen! I'll be seeing this Show tomorrow... can't wait..

  7. I'll be looking for it tomorrow, on a break from the workshop I'm doing - it looks great!

  8. Would you please send me a PDF of the Winter Star Mug Pattern posted in January.

    Thanking you in advance