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Sunday 6 March 2011

Don't Worry: Bee Happy

...or more correctly, "bees happy". We've had mild weather for a few days so hubby and I decided to combine a final snowshoe trial with a visit to the winter beeyard. We parked and began our hike into the field.
Looking back, it appeared Big Foot was close on our heels!
Though mild today, the wind is strong and these fir trees are bending with each gust.
As we approached, we saw tell-tale dark speckles on the snow. We knew what that meant.
The snow was littered with the bodies of bees who did not survive the winter cold.
Fortunately, many did survive and were out today flying in the fresh air.

Hubby's snowshoe design worked great and we were both very impressed. He is set now to apply the finish. When he mentioned this, I immediately said "Id like mine painted bright red!" He, of course, was thinking of a natural stain with a marine varnish to waterproof the wood. Oh....that works too...
The snow is melting rapidly in the mild weather we've enjoyed this weekend. Here's the shed today. Contrast this with a picture posted here a week ago to see how much the snow has gone down.


  1. oh that's so sad to see all those bees lyin' there. :(
    Mild here too. I'm off fo ra walk around the pond.

    Funny snow-on-the-roof! ;)

  2. I'm back on land... actually spending the night in Georgia enroute back to the Beach. Glad to hear that the mild weather is finaly coming. I feel bad that you lost bees. It must be normal to lose some. Will the queen bee produce extra eggs to make up for the loss. Gail M.