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Wednesday 9 March 2011

A Little Canadiana

On Monday of this week, "With Glowing Hearts" was shipped off to Houston where it will become part of the travelling "O Canada" quilt exhibit this year. Hubby and I had fun shooting these pictures on a very windy day at Fort Beausejour, New Brunswick in the summer.
This quilt was designed to celebrate our Canadian heritage inspired by a line from our national anthem, O Canada: "With Glowing Hearts, We See Thee Rise". Pieced hearts are linked in the fashion of Olympic rings with the colours chosen to represent blue for our water, sky and French heritage; black for Cape Breton coal and Alberta oil; red for the maple leaf on our flag; green for our lush forests; golden tan for wheat, maple syrup and Yukon gold. The background fabric, designed by Robyn Pandolph, and features printed words to O Canada. Maples leaves and fleur-de-lis motifs are quilted in, along with the words "With Glowing Hearts We See Thee Rise" stitched in the bottom border.

"With Glowing Hearts" also appears in a fun online promotion by The Canadian Quilter's Association. You can see several quilts with patriotic themes posted here. If you feel inclined to vote, my "With Glowing Hearts" is #22, you can scroll to the bottom to click "yes" and keep scrolling to click "submit". Voting continues to March 20 and is just for fun.