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Monday, 28 March 2011

Bees and Blocks

This weekend while visiting the bees, we decided to take the plunge and open a hive. They are still in their winter wraps as it's a bit cold yet to remove the insulation. As I write this morning, it's a chilly -6° C. We were thrilled to see so many bees in the top box and that they still have lots of honey in the frames. Hubby decided to take a plunge of a different sort... ...and plunged his bare hand down to take some comb off the side wall. Yes, he is fearless.
Man, that's sticky!! In all, we opened three hives and were greeted with pretty much the same findings in each: lots of bees and lots for them to eat. We carefully closed the hives back up and put the insulation in place. It won't be long before it comes off for the season, but there are still some cold nights for the next couple of weeks. No point rushing it.
Back in the sewing room, the box of Oriental fabrics in my closet has been calling me to come and play. Last week I ironed the entire box, which is something I really enjoy. It's part of the design process for me, an up close and personal time of reflection with the fabric. Because I have made several quilts already from this stash, I am left with odds and ends and many small pieces. It took awhile to get the colours just right. Saturday I sewed and ripped and resewed a New York Beauty block four times as one of the colour bands just wasn't working.
I am much happier with blue for the band, as it will make a distinct line of colour up the edge of the quilt.
These fabrics are Oriental Treasures by Robert Kaufman, one of my all time favourite lines.


  1. I always enjoy reading about your bees and how you care for them.

    Your quilt blocks are beautiful.

  2. That New York Beauty really is a beauty! Such pretty fabrics.