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Tuesday 15 March 2011

String Ahead

Some folks are s-o-o-o-o-o-o-o organized...! This picture comes from Rosa Adams of Ohio. She is looking ahead to Christmas and used my tutorial for string placemats:

Aren't they festive? I find string blocks so appealing. Because of all the scraps, there are never two alike and as Rosa notes, varying the width of the strips too can give a totally new look. They are a wonderful way to use up little leftover bits that don't fit anywhere else. Check out Linda's new string quilt here.
Rosa writes that once these are quilted, she is making two more sets as her neighbour saw them and wants a set too. (isn't that how it goes?! :) Rosa, I wish I were as efficient as you in getting Christmas things sewn in March. Great job! I hope you will send pictures of your next ones to share also.


  1. I like them. It's way too early for me to think about Christmas yet though. I'll wait until July before doing any Christmas projects.

    Spring Ahead, String Ahead.... love it!! You can't just do two... What's next? Fling Ahead, Sing Ahead, Wing Ahead!!!

  2. Beautiful place mats, and thanks for the link to the tutorial - a string quilt is the next quilt I want to start.♥

  3. People who make Christmas gifts in March give the rest of us a bad name (as well as lots of guilt for not being as ORGANIZED).

  4. This is a great Christmas project. So nice to be one-up on Christmas!!

  5. Rosa, my kudos to you for this great headstart to next Christmas. I'm afraid I'll just need to stay on the outside looking in at that scene. I'm always bringing up the rear.Karen, I love Fandango. I thought I left a post a couple of weeks ago, but I probably did something I shouldn't. or didn't do something that must be done. Congrats on these recognitions for your works. We are proud of you