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Saturday, 26 February 2011

"Things I Love About A Snowstorm"

I love how Christmas-card pretty the trees are after a storm.

I love climbing up to stand on the snowbank in front of the baby barn to touch the roof.

I love the funny shapes the snow makes as it piles and drifts. (This is a side view of the barn) I love looking across the street at the neighbour's driveway and seeing a white puff of snow appear every so often at the top of the snowbank. This is a sign that he is out there shovelling...although we cannot see him over the snow. He tells us he is almost 6 feet tall...but all we see is a wisp of snow flying off his shovel.

I love how neighbours take the opportunity to chat and commiserate, and work together to clear driveways.

I love how the birds flock to the feeders during and after a big snow.

I love looking for things buried in the snow - such as our picnic table. I love the way Amherst's new LED street lights illuminate the snow at night, and make it sparkle and glisten as if we were living in a snow globe.

I love the shovelling, because it means I don't have to do time on the treadmill that day. It's a welcome break to exercise in the fresh air.

I love playing in the snow. It makes me feel like a kid again.

Most of all...I love when Dave March on CKDH radio says those words that strike fear into the hearts of most parents, and joy into all the kids: "All schools in Cumberland County are closed today."


  1. WOW that shed! I hope it doesn't cave in! Great photos!
    ~Monika in SK

  2. Snow sure is pretty - at least when you get a lot. We have just had light dustings the last couple of days. Nothing to write home about.

  3. i love all those things about a good snow too. i was just, however, complaining about this storm (on my blog) as it feels like after kill. I love winter sports but we certainly have enough for that.
    I have to admit it is beautiful. My children are grown up and gone too, so I didn't get to enjoy a snow day with them.