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Thursday, 3 February 2011

One Is A Cardinal Number

...and that's how many cardinals I saw in the birch tree this morning - one! I was thrilled to look out on the snow and see Mrs. Cardinal surveying the feeders. Naturally by the time I got the camera, she had flown but it's great to know she is back in town. Where there is a Mrs. there is always a Mr. Cardinal as well.
It was fun to wake up and see the new snowfall which covered Nova Scotia.
35 cm is what we received.
Yesterday it was cosy and warm inside and I spent the day working on a scrappy blue and cream log cabin. I am just about half way along in the piecing and adding to it here and there as time permits.

(and yes, the strip of green is meant to be there - for a special reason!)


  1. What gorgeous photos of the snow. Cardinals don't live or visit my area, so I've never seen one other than in photos. It would be exciting to see the flash of red among all this white. Enjoy your day.

  2. We didn't get all that much snow. They closed the schools in anticipation but snowmagedden never came.
    I love the log cabin - it's my favourite colour, blue.
    BTW, wouldn't it be Mr. Cardinal that is red and Mrs. would be brownish?

  3. I've always wanted to make a Log Cabin quilt. I bought Marti Michel's ruler and book last year. I, or was it the year before. I even bought the fabric, and then got into it for something else. I do plan to make one, sometime.. I can't wait to see what the little bit of green is all about! Are you working on Christmas quilts already?

  4. Here in southeast MN Cardinals are frequently seen at our feeders. Our backyard is bordered by evergreens with hardwoods sprinkled in for good measure! DH is outside at the moment trying to break through a few of the drifts that surround our country home. Though the brunt of this storm passed to our south (racing through Iowa), we did manage several inches and school closings the last couple days. Blue/white remains my absolute favorite color combo and that quilt is lovely. Doreen

  5. Gotta love a snow day to get lots of sewing done! Your log cabin is gorgeous. I have never seen a cardinal but would love to. I mostly get blue jays and chickadees in my backyard.

  6. Dear Dear Karen
    That splash of green is very interesting & appears in some way to be related to BEES.
    Until later
    Mary in the snow with you in Amherst