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Sunday, 13 February 2011

A Valentine's Surprise

You have to love it when someone arrives at your door and unexpectedly hands you a parcel wrapped in red tissue and tied in white satin ribbon. You have to love it even more when it turns out to be a heart - a quilted heart - made into a mug rug just for you. This sweet surprise was created by Mary Farrow Sinclair, whose work was displayed last fall at Fibre Arts Festival here in Amherst. (It's a funky heart so I shot it on a funky angle.)
Mary used a block designed by Jodi G. Warner which she saw used in a quilt entitled Puzzle Hearts, on the cover of the current issue of Quilter's World magazine. It's perfect for holding a cup of that thing which I love :)

Mary also brought with her some samples she is busily stitching for this year's Fibre Arts Festival in October, where she will be teaching a beginner Hardanger class. The piece she is working on is exquisite. I will post pictures here when she has the finishing touches added.

Thanks, Mary!


  1. Good old Timmy's I have one of those mugs too and that is a great little mug rug.
    Beautiful Canada quilts, congratulations on that.
    Nan in Vancouver

  2. You just gotta love My Mom!
    Thanks, Karen, for this post!
    Can't wait for the Hardanger post!!!!!!!
    Julia in Montreal