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Monday, 25 January 2010


Everything has been so pretty since the last snowfall. The red holly berries are peeking out from under a blanket of white...
and the apples left hanging on the tree last fall look as though they have a dollop of frosting on top.
Snow always brings birds out to the feeders and yesterday the Northern Flicker enjoyed a long visit. He sat very still and surveyed the yard for quite some time before beginning his feast.
He started with a bit of suet for an appetizer...
...before being invited to enjoy the main course with an accommodating Blue Jay. You can see the size difference between the two in this picture.
Hey, where did that Blue Jay go? No manners for that fellow!
Inside, I knitted on the socks while watching his antics through the kitchen window. The muslin socks are coming right along; one is on the straight part of the foot, and the other has the ribbing cast on for the leg.
I also poked away at finishing up the foundation blocks for another Farrago. It's a nice change to sew without a deadline.


  1. Your socks are looking good. Now I think it is odd to see all those needles. By way, what size needles do you use?
    I love the colours of the Farrago. My favorite pattern that you have is the Maritime Beauty Table Topper.
    Take Care.

  2. Oh karen everything is absolutely beautiful; the snow, the birds ,the socks and the quilt.We are so lucky in this country/province!

  3. Karen I am a quilter in Northern N Y rockland County Your work is beatifull. I couldn't help noticing the birds feeding in the snow Our snow has almost disappeared the last couple of days we have had very friged temperaturesthe 2nd storm missed us and went south. The the same Birds feeding in my yard this morning (Northern flicker) I did have some cardinals too . I love your knited socks too. I am knitting a Beret and ponch for the American Doll. I have been working on a Baby quilt for a gift. I wish I could post it like you enjoy the snow adeline january 31st

  4. Hi, Adeline: Thanks for visiting, and your comment. We are enjoying the snow (well, *I* am - not sure anyone else is!) Good luck with your projects.