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Friday, 15 January 2010

A Start and a Finish

After spending the morning wrestling with wording instructions and tweaking a new design for some Robin Pandolph fabrics which have caught my eye (!), I needed some soothing sewing for this afternoon. I raided the box of "sea" fabrics and used pre-printed foundations. This is the centre of Farrago, pieced in aquamarine, celadon, peacock, teal, cyan, turquoise, seafoam, ocean, lagoon, algae, Caribbean, cerulean...and a myriad more colour names that make my hubby say "call it green or blue." The background under the spikes is actually light silver, although it looks white in this shot. There is no deadline on this project, it will be used as a store sample for shops to display with the patterns. It's always nice to have things sewn in several different colourways. This is the start: And here's the finish, from last evening...ahhhhh... wool socks are so soft and cosy.


  1. Cute socks! And wow - what a Christmas cactus! I'm guessing that's not a working treadle?

  2. I love your new socks. Beautiful sewing machine cabinet too. You do inspirational work! Thank-you.

  3. I'm glad those socks are done :) I'm going to change the subject now. Nice Christmas cactus. Did you get some blooms this year.

  4. Karen - the colors in this new piece takes me to someplace exotic. I would love to see it when you have it completed. And, I am knitting my first sock ever; challenging heel. I love your vintage sewing machine cabinet. And I think your socks turned out great too. Lucy